Readers Sharing

Do you have some good ideas to share but don't want to write on a regular basis? Just send them in and we will collect all the great suggestions for all to share. Send me an email, please CLICK HERE.

Rose has been writing for us since November 7th of 2003. But we've not heard back from my many messages in over a year now. We miss her timely input and can only hope she and her family are doing well.
Hello, my name is Debura Struble. You pronounce my name this way (Deb-year-AA) then say it fast. I hope to bring to all who read this, encouragement and ideas to help with home and cooking. And a few laughs as well.
Meet Dolores and enjoy her idea for a College Care Package. This is perfect for me to send on to Grandson James for his getting settled in days at college. Thank you Dolores!
The Prairie Homemaker has been writing about her adventures in South Texas since December 19, 2003. We have enjoyed watching her move into a new home and get a start on a new lawn and flowerbeds. Her health was failing and she needed to cut back on her work load. As we hear from Mel again, you will know.
George first wrote when he discovered that they had twelve roosters and wanted to give them away. He has been writing about times of the past and how they lived a frugal life and continue to do so. They built a room for their son to move home to and we've not heard from George since. We wish them the very best.