September 3
       Except for a rainy first day of school this past Monday, we've had an absolutely beautiful week!  Temperatures have been right around 80 degrees each afternoon and a cool, comfortable 60 degrees at night.  The humidity was a bit high the first half of the week, but today is just perfect with a nice breeze and clear, blue skies.

      It's hard to believe the first week of school is nearly over.  Everything is worked out and running smoothly now, but the first three days we were all wondering if it would ever happen.  Our school district implemented all-day kindergarten for the first time and closed one of the three schools that house kindergarten and first grade.  You would not believe the amount of confusion that created in the schools.  For the most part, all but the brand new bus drivers knew what to do, but it was a mess at each school as 

the teachers tried to get the right kids on the right buses.  We were running about half an hour late each afternoon until yesterday.
       Matt and Megan have slipped into the routine of school fairly painlessly.  Megan hasn't had much in the way of homework, yet, but so far she is doing well about being organized and showing me what she is doing each day.  She started on Adderall over the summer for her ADHD and it seemed to help here at home so I am hopeful that it will be helpful during school, too.  Matt has done a good job of balancing school and his job.  I'm sure it helps that half of his classes are something to do with computers, which is his chosen career path.  He's very excited and determined to get serious about academics this year.
       The chooks have finally begun to lay eggs!  It's not very consistent yet, but it's getting there.  I'm so excited.  It seems like we've been waiting forever.  Some of them lay in the nesting boxes or at least on top of it, but there is one that leaves an egg underneath way back in the far corner nearly every day, a couple that just seem to plop them out in the middle of the floor and one that likes to lay out in the run.  I've ended up with two roosters.  The one that I liked as a chick and named Esmerelda before I knew she was a he is still with me, but is not the dominate of the two and has had all his tail feathers picked out.  He is docile, but tends to hang back in the corner now rather than being so full of personality.  The other rooster is a black australorp and he is magnificent!  Shiny black feathers and he has a lovely tail.  He too is quite docile.  I don't know yet whether they will be sticking around.
       The long awaited side of beef is finally in the freezer!  There was some mix up and the company that did the processing didn't call us when it was done.  The friend we'd bought it from wanted to know why we didn't pick ours up because everyone else had.  That started the hunt to find out what happened.  To make a long story short, no one knows.  When I called our order was sitting in the freezer with our name on it.  We are really pleased with how it all worked out.  The processing plant's cost combined with what our friends' charged brings the cost to about $2 a pound.  It's a lot at one time, but over the course of the winter it sure will work out to be cheaper than buying at the store.
       We are down to one kitty....Clutch, the little gray tiger.  The other two fickle critters wandered off never to be seen again.  The kids were getting kind of upset and were worried Clutch would leave, too, so I worked up my courage earlier this week and talked to Tim about bringing him inside.  To my amazement, he said it would be fine.  Yesterday I went and got all the equipment necessary for him to "take care of business" and brought him inside.  He has adapted beautifully and made himself right at home.  He and Scooby, our poodle, are great friends and rip and tear around the place playing tag.  I am so glad they are company for each other because I think we will soon have to say goodbye to the little terrier we adopted from the shelter last year.  She has had a tumor as long as we've had her (along with a host of other problems), but this week I noticed that she's grown another very large one and she's wetting in the house daily (sometimes more than once).  She never used to do that, so I don't think she can help it.
       Tonight we are off to the Indiana Co. Fair.  A friend of ours is pulling with his tractor trailer.  I don't follow the sport, but I understand he is ranked quite high in his class.  We've never seen him pull before so Tim is quite excited to go.  The kids are of course chomping at the bit to get at the midway and I'm hoping to have time to wander through all the exhibits.
       We may be having a cookout with my mom and John on Monday, but otherwise, our big plans for the holiday weekend include finally getting the new liner in the pool just in time to close it up for the winter.  Sigh.  What a summer it's been.  Tim was so busy with work and when he did have time it was always raining.  Time and weather are finally coming together this weekend.  Yea!  On the bright side, it will at least be ready to go for next year.
       It is time to head back to work for the afternoon runs so I'll leave you with wishes for a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.......and prayers for any of you who are dealing with Hurricane Frances.  Be safe.