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What is your favorite kitchen gadget or appliance. Mine is our "portable ice maker" and we sure did miss it when it quit after many years of constant use. I hate ice trays and spending so much time dumping and filling them every day. Not to mention all the space it all takes in our small freezer. Send me your notes and I will get a section going. Thank you.
Veterans Day is November 11th. Do you know a veteran to honor?
Need some Halloween images and ideas? CLICK HERE for the collection. I've just added new images and trivia tidbits to haunt your pages.
Enjoy Wanda's Diary Notes for this week and find the new photos that I promised last week. CLICK HERE to find her addition. There is a link at the bottom of the current page of notes for the latest photos or go to her photo page. Thank you Wanda.
Gill sent me an email. If you go to her blog, you already know what she had to relate. See her pages at CLICK HERE.
Enjoy the latest from BestNest, CLICK HERE, and find insightful info about Feeding Birds Efficiently. Thank you folks.
Kathy Vilseck is the Scrubby Lady. She has Scrubbies as well as many other fine hand made items perfect for your Holiday giving.  All prices are listed on the order form. CLICK HERE to see her new pages. New items... New prices. Thank you Kathy.
The birthdays and anniversaries for November have been posted. CLICK HERE and wish your favorite folks a happy day.
Angela Billings has a most interesting site I enjoy visiting especially when I have special needs, CLICK HERE to find her recipe for Lemon Ice. I have to get another icemaker but I will be ready for flavored ice very soon. Visit her pages here on PhancyPages at CLICK HERE and enjoy all her articles and recipes.
If you have problems with mosquitoes, you be interested in a new article from BestNest. CLICK HERE to find the latest.
http://www.learn-america.com/home-farm-herbery-gourmet-herb-blends/  Click on the link to keep up with Arlene. Look for her newsletter sign up. Lots of art, recipes, teas and wonderful blends.
Narita Siegel would like to share a problem that is affecting their being able to raise dogs. "http://www.avma.org/onlnews/javma/jun09/090615f.asp Maybe you can let others know about these potential laws trying to limit our freedoms. This trend is sweeping the nation.  If you have time read about what is happening to our rural way of life.  I'm not hard core but tail docking is part of a long standing tradition in the Aussie breed.  It is part of our breed standard.  As you can see it is wide spread around the country among various breeds. Thanks for listening. They are trying to eliminate people from docking tails and breeding altogether. " We thank you Narita.
For Sale by Narita Siegel. "All or part of our 78 acre ranch.  We live in Southeast AZ near Willcox, AZ.  Within a mile of our property are several vineyards so potential for your own personal vineyard is very good.  We have excellent soil, weather and water.  Email us at hsnrs@powerc.net or call 520-384-4805." CLICK HERE and look on the left side to find the For Sale Page. Lots of info and photos on her website.
I so enjoy reading Nancy Thompson's writing, even when it's about the weather. CLICK HERE and read through all of her items. Thank you Nancy.
Alice the Librarian sent me an email asking that we include a website a student of hers had found helpful in their search for answers. CLICK HERE We are so glad that they are finding our collection useful and thank the young student thought to share with us their valuable information. (Look under General Topics.)
The birthdays and anniversaries for this month have been posted. CLICK HERE and wish  your favorite folks a happy day. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Click here for that page.

Home Farm Herbery heirloom seeds

"We are slowly, but surely getting our Home Farm Herbery Heirloom Seeds website up and it is now loaded with many of our Heirloom Seeds, Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO Seeds.

Since we gather our own tried and true seeds here and test them here we often do not have a lot of packets for sale so keep checking our site and buy them as quickly as they come up.

In the meantime, for those of you who garden you can see what is for sale now. Remember, our seeds sell quickly, so buy today."


We have just added a limited number of select heirloom flower seeds to our website. Please check it out. Each purchase comes with free shipping and a free gift. However, we only have a limited amount of harvested seeds. http://www.learn-america.com/heirloom-flower-seeds/  Arlene Wright-Correll, Home Farm Herbery
Find a new listing for Ancestry . com in the Genealogy collection. CLICK HERE and enjoy looking around, see if there is anything you can use in your own search.
Nancy Thompson is sharing a few notes. I so enjoy her writing. CLICK HERE. Thank you Nancy.
Pam Porterfield sent in a report of what's going on in her life. CLICK HERE to check out her writings, visit Real County Life while you are there. Thank you Pam.
Arlene has many new paintings and several articles, follow this link CLICK HERE to see the Special Features Section. Check out the Artwork for Yessy and the Artwork for Wryte Pages and spices and tiles at Etsy. Lots of new items. Thank you Arlene.
Becky sent a recipe for Pizza Popovers that sounds delicious. I don't have any popover bowls yet but it could happen. CLICK HERE and take the recipe section to find the latest and the collection of all her recipes. Thank you Becky.
I found an item of interest. All of last year the TV stations promised that with that new year we would have no loud commercials. HA, it didn't stop. But finally, there is hope. CLICK HERE
Here is the link to our newest teas that the caffeine lovers among you have asked me for.  http://www.learn-america.com/tea-blends-cafeine/ Look here for Arlene's Special Features Section and CLICK HERE, then look for the Wryte Stuff page. Enjoy all of Arlene's works while you are browsing.
Arlene Wright-Correll has new Cafe Press pages. CLICK HERE to check out the bargains. She also has a new painting on Yessy. Look for it on her Special Features pages. See a FineArtAmerica link with Arlene's latest. Find the link for her Search Wrap page half way down the right column. Lots of the Art Only Spoken Here. Go to the latest at the top of that page and you'll be signed up for getting a notice of her items as they are available.
Nancy Thompson has written about her doings. Christmas and how things are going. CLICK HERE and enjoy reading her writings. Thank you Nancy.
Narita Siegel sent in her week's forecast and it looks like the weather is getting nasty. CLICK HERE and look around. Visit her site and see her dogs.
We have a fun new section. It features our most embarrassing moments; well, ones that we can share. Some moments we were just glad when they were over and we could begin to forget them. As always, you may remain anonymous, just say so. We have Nancy Thompson to thank for the idea and first contribution. Please send me yours in an email to the link above. Thank you you Nancy. CLICK HERE.  Ooh, thought of another embarrassing moment. Go and see what I added.
Check out Arlene Wright-Correll's new tea shoppe. CLICK HERE and look around. Thank you Arlene.
Arlene Wright-Correll has many topics and pages. Her latest articles are on her Wryte Stuff page. CLICK HERE.  What's New at Home Farm, CLICK HERE will take you through Arlene's week to look at the plants and markets around her farm. Slideshows complete with music offer a guided tour. One of her newest articles is, Magical Mirrors. CLICK HERE and browse all articles. There are many things not listed anywhere else. Enjoy looking around. CLICK HERE to visit Arlene's Market page. Enjoy looking around. The Art Only Spoken Here became a site to sell you on making your own art site. Arlene said to delete it so all past info was lost.
Chanel is back. With a few changes but still selling honey and staying very busy. CLICK HERE and catch up, her past articles and items are at the bottom of the page. Please note that you will have to check with her about any prices. Welcome home Chanel.
Nancy Thompson has a new item in her Life with the Colonel section. We must learn to enjoy the sweet things in life. CLICK HERE and enjoy all Nancy's writings.
Angela is not posting on her Facebook page just now but you can visit her website and enjoy all of her many topics she has written about over the years. CLICK HERE to see her pages. Thank you Angela.

Narita got some rain. CLICK HERE. We'll hope she gets more very soon. I asked Arlene about their weather and rain and she just said they had lots of rain lately. Okay.

Backwoods Home Magazine has new humor, CLICK HERE Look to the top of the most recent page. Thank you folks. Just looked over what was in this month's humor and it was another collection of idiot blonde jokes. No thanks. We'll enjoy what we already have.

New York Kathy has sent in an update on their activities. CLICK HERE and enjoy all of her articles. Thank you Jack and Kathy.

Check out the Weather Reports: (tell us what your weather is doing) Go to Kathy's pages and order your Scrubbies and check out her new products.

Patti Love sent in some photos of the wild birds in her yard. So cute CLICK HERE to visit her pages. Look for Feeding the Baby Birds. Thank you Patti.

Nancy Thompson has written an update about the home and garden. Find lots photos of beautiful flowers. CLICK HERE and find all her writing. Take your time and look around.

Like Rainbows? Want something fun to do? CLICK HERE and you might even learn a few things. I did.

Complete China & Porcelain painting setup for sale Arlene has a special announcement. It might be of interest to you. Check it out.

The Painted Buntings are back. Looks like the entire family is here and glad to have a fresh supply of food and water. CLICK HERE and enjoy. They appeared on May 11th.

Becky Taylor is back and we are so very glad. CLICK HERE to read about what she has been doing. See photos of cats Buster and Cali and the recipe for Quick and Easy Chicken Spaghetti sounds ever so good. Thank you Becky, welcome back.

Please note the new link above for prayer requests. Do you have someone to add?

Stacy Artis is alive and well. She'd sent an update and lots of photos. CLICK HERE to find her pages. Browse her notes, articles and recipes collected over many years. The tab says February but it is the current page.

Meet Barb. Should you encounter those mean old chiggers, she has some valuable information to share. Many people are not bothered by them or most other insects that bite. There are some good remedies and next week, I will put it with other bite info. CLICK HERE to read what she has to share. Thank you Barb.

I heard the first Whippoorwill this morning (4-13-12) about 4. Did not hear a response but it could have been at a distance and he left to find her. Last year I heard no reply and he quit calling or moved on earlier that seemed normal. There is another bird that makes the clicking radar type noises as they move around in the dark. I have only seen the Whippoorwill once during the daytime. Do you see and hear wildlife in your neighborhood as the seasons change? Let us know. Please share.

Patti Love sent in some cute pet photos. CLICK HERE and enjoy. Thank you Patti. Sure hope your gardens do well this year.

Pamela Murphy sent in an item, 25 Ideas to Make Life Easier. Very helpful, thank you Pam, CLICK HERE.

I subscribe to the Chicken of the Sea newsletter and was delighted to find their collection of recipes using their canned seafood. CLICK HERE and look near the top for "The Mermaid's Recipes" for not just tuna recipes.

See Carl Correll's newest, stained glass wind chimes. CLICK HERE. To check out his new blog and newsletter, look on his first page at the bottom for workshops. Such a beautiful wind chime.

Angela's best ever sugar cookie recipe... She's the Thrifty Homemaker and she is sharing with us. Thank you Angela. CLICK HERE. Take the time and look through all her great recipes and articles. When you're needing great cookies, check out her collection. I read a lot of her notes posted on Facebook and always learn something new and find a yummy recipe to try.

Patti Love took pictures of the hawk that had come to enjoy the small birds that came up to eat. CLICK HERE and enjoy her articles, photos and recipes while you look around. Thank you Patti.

Pets Too Cute, the newest of photos. CLICK HERE.

Remembering 9-11. I am working on the photos but they are hard to look at without crying. CLICK HERE.

We wish the best for everyone in the flood areas. Find new pages to give you some insight into the problems and how vast they are. CLICK HERE. If you find that any site links have expired, let me know and I will take them off. Find a new collection of photos sent in by Arlene Wright-Correll. Thank you Nancy, Patti and Arlene. Who said that Hurricane Irene just wasn't so bad.

Pamela Porterfield sent in the cutest of baby photos. CLICK HERE, look for the Koalas and enjoy them and others you might not have seen yet. Thank you Pamela.

I was hearing that pasteurizing eggs made them safe to eat raw and not set thoroughly. Is that true... CLICK HERE and read replies from Eggland's Best Eggs and the CDC. Eggland's ad on TV promotes eating the yolks near raw. We'll have to remember this when people start getting sick from eating the eggs. And pasteurizing was just someone's wishful thinking. Didn't work.

Nancy Thompson has written a new update. CLICK HERE and enjoy her words, see how Tim is doing. Thank you Nancy.

Scott McAlpine has sold the big acreage he had for sale but does still have several 5 acre tracts. CLICK HERE to see what is still available. This is in Ohio!!

What's to Blame for the Wild Weather, CLICK HERE. Thank you NASA Science News.

Want to homestead in Ohio? Our friend Scott McAlpine likes to find old houses, do a little fixing and offer them for sale to someone also wanting to do some fixing. Find a new listing that might be of interest to you. CLICK HERE, find the Property for Sale and look around.

Arlene sent me a lot of photos of her roses and garden. Oh so pretty. You will find them on a new page where they are collected. CLICK HERE and enjoy.

Becky sent in some recipes that sure do sound good. CLICK HERE and check out the Cabbage Salad with dressing.

Of interest... Apocalypses That Weren't , thank you History.com

Check out the Special Features and look inside the Search Warp collection to find Arlene's latest. So much information, stay and browse the many articles. CLICK HERE. Thank you Arlene !!

Check out the Weather Reports: (tell us what your weather is doing) Go to Kathy's pages and order your Scrubbies and check out her new products. I had asked if they had any bad effects from all the flooding since they are in Mississippi, see what she had to say.

Are you a beef eater? CLICK HERE Lots of recipes...

Angela Billings has a new look. She has a new website at a new address. This week, find some great ideas for using extract flavorings. Welcome back Angela. CLICK HERE and enjoy. She is now known as the Thrifty Homemaker.

There is an article posted on the support freedom page, CLICK HERE, titled Iwo Jima Memorial. I received a note from a fellow who wrote the item for a book he had written. It was reported to me a anonymous and now, we know who wrote it. It is updated and still contains the photos and personal notes. We honor all of our heroes. Thank you Mr. Powers.

Kathy Vilseck has a new line of handcrafted items. The Scrubbies are still the very best and now you can find Scarves, Potholders, Dishcloths and Washcloths. CLICK HERE and look for the new pages. Thank you Kathy. She sent me a pot holder and dish cloth but Sly decided he needed them as padding on his tub for napping. I couldn't argue with a kitty cat.

New Humor, CLICK HERE and enjoy. Thank you Back Woods Home Magazine.

Dorothy Tweedt is sharing two of her favorite recipes with us this week. One is Mom Tweedt's Corn and the other is German Cherry Pie. CLICK HERE and enjoy all her recipes and articles. Thank you so much aunt Dorothy.

What is Chavez doing with the money you give to Citgo for his gasoline. CLICK HERE and find the article and an update.

Vietnam is not a place I would travel to for cave sight seeing. CLICK HERE and look down the page for Vietnam. The new item is first and is newly found, presented in an article for National Geographic magazine. That's one BIG cave. And you can see why these are my reason for a stay at home vacation. I get lost just looking around and don't get my chores done. Sigh.

CLICK HERE and check out the New Year babies.

Stacy Artis sent a collection of adorable photos, CLICK HERE and enjoy. Just look for Wishing You Polar Bears.

Arlene's Ked's Shoes are on sale. "We have reduced the price of all our Ked's casual designer shoes by 15%. Please check it out now."  Visit Arlene's pages, CLICK HERE, (find articles, artwork and items for sale.)

Our many thanks to Arlene Wright-Correll and her son Don Wright. She had many times praised the wonderful fruit from his company, Hale Groves in Florida. He graciously allowed us to sample the naval oranges and they are divine ! ! When Texas lost all of its crop back many years ago, they would not allow any to be imported, but that was just lifted. Randy's words were "tasty and sweet." The ones for sale in the stores were big and pretty but always sour and bitter. Even with Splenda or sugar, they were never sweet. They have made a new customer. Just ask and I'll send you their address.

Becky Taylor has many new recipes that sound wonderful. I want to try to oven baked cheesy fries soon. Ummm. CLICK HERE Thank you Becky. Enjoy her recipe collection but look around at her many articles. Thank you Becky.

New York Kathy is sharing her recipe for making hand cream. I'd asked if she had anything that we might be able to make as gifts for Christmas. Thank you Kathy. CLICK HERE.

When you make donations, where your money goes. CLICK HERE.

Have you checked out the Blogs page recently? Arlene has so many now that I made a new page for all of hers. Many have retreats. Look above for the link.

Avalon Stained Glass School & Creativity Center has Workshops ! ! Flying Stained Glass Butterfly Mobile Check out the Blog page.  CLICK HERE to see all the Blogs and Retreats.

Ked's, the shoe company, has accepted 2 more of Arlene's designs for their line of casual shoes. Cute penguins and scary witches for Halloween. CLICK HERE and look for the Zazzle section in Special Features to learn more and to buy your own.

Arlene Wright-Correll has a new item for sale. You've followed her articles on making your own fused glass items, and now you can make your own at home in your microwave. "Want to create fused glass jewelry without the big expensive equipment then try our Micro-wave kiln. We are having a great sale right now on our Fuseworks Microwave kiln. Only $99.00" CLICK HERE. And not just jewelry.

Ahh, so cute. CLICK HERE and look for the new collection page. Click again on the Rupert, the 1 pound survivor page.

The Support Freedom page has changed a bit. Defend America has gone away but the Department of Defense page is still around and you will find a new link for their page. CLICK HERE and catch up on the articles.

Becky Taylor is sharing a tip she found to keep egg salad good for leftovers. She says it also works with cucumbers. CLICK HERE and look for her recipe section. She is also working on a new recipe for Zucchini Apple Bread and it sounds oh so good. Thank you Becky. (She is going to try it with applesauce and will let us know how it turns out.)

Where your gasoline comes from... CLICK HERE and you might just change your mind about where to fill up.

When "Sugar Free" has loads of sugary calories: I would swear that Kool Whip's Sugar Free variety was made with Splenda. Looking closely now, it is fructose corn syrup. That's not good. As soon as Wanda mentioned it, I checked and we quit using it. You can use whipping cream and sweeten it with Splenda but you still have the sugars in the cream. Ah well.

Pam Porterfield has lots of photos. Her cats and dogs and the cutest of pygmy goats. Oh my. CLICK HERE and look for where it says New Photos!!! Thank you Pam.

Kathy Vilseck sent along notes about a Canadian Goose who had stayed a while last year and was back again this year with a friend. CLICK HERE but they moved along and only a few others passing by have stopped. Kathy has been busy making more and more Scrubbies.

Find a list of plants that will attract Hummingbirds. CLICK HERE and enjoy. Nita

Take a picture of your pet and we will honor them as our Pet of the Month. Send it on an email to Nita.

Did you know the name Texas comes from the Hasini Indian word "tejas" meaning friends.  Tejas is not Mexican for Texas. About Texas, CLICK HERE.

Since I subscribe to the newsletter sent out by the San Diego Zoo, I enjoy looking through all their fine sections. CLICK HERE and look for the zoo's newbies. They are just so cute ! The page used to be called Pets but now includes all animals.

Narita Siegel is sharing LOTS of new photos. CLICK HERE and look to the bottom of the page for all the collections of photos. It's a long page but the puppies are oh so cute. Click on the logo at the top of the page to visit her website. You might find you want to buy a well-trained Australian Shepherd.

Think you need a Payday Loan? CLICK HERE and look at the top right column.

Please welcome Cherry Edwards in Washington State. She sent in some photos of the Bald Eagles they see to share with us. CLICK HERE for now we'll have her in the Wildbird Watching section. Thank you Cherry.

Randy wanted to make fried chicken wings from a recipe he'd found in a Betty Crocker cookbook. When we first tried the recipe, we used the Five Spice Powder that it called for. But we didn't like that taste. We had it again this evening, Sunday, and I found a recipe for the Five Spice Blend. I was surprised at what goes into making it 5 spices but used the only one that we had on hand. Oh my, that was sure good.  CLICK HERE and look for A Recipe for Five Spice Powder.

Patti Love has sent along photos of the beautiful gardens of this past and other seasons. The garden photos are now on a separate page. CLICK HERE. Look through all her photos and articles. Thank you Patti.

Reasons to NOT get the H1N1 Flu Shot. CLICK HERE. Thank you Jenni Lynch. Also, there was a recent death of a teenager here in Texas. She was taken to the family doctor when she had symptoms at 3 days. He gave her nothing but told her to drink fluids and rest. She died a horrible death not being able to breath and the emergency room could not help her by that stage. We only know about her because she was local to this area. There was another case of a  young woman dying at nearly the same time and no details were released at all. (Nita)

Did you see YouTube and the feature done on Boomer? He's possibly the world's largest dog. The last to come close had died. Large dogs don't live a long life. CLICK HERE and look for Boomer's page. A link at the top of the page will take you back to the other Pet pages.

Angela Billings' page now has a new logo with lots of items to read and enjoy. This is the season to feature her many articles about things happening during the upcoming seasons. Find great recipes and articles collected on her Home & Family Ezine page. CLICK HERE. Thank you Angela.  Her link works now, so go and look around on her pages.

Arlene sent me a link to a page which offers a guide to knowing when your food stuffs are still good. CLICK HERE to visit the PhancyPage on food and recipes.

I've started a new page titled "9-11" and it will contain all items pertaining to September 11th, 2009. The beginning of our war on terrorism. CLICK HERE to find all items. My thanks to Lana for sending in both the articles to start the collection. Have you found something to add. Write an article?

A fellow named Paul Mallory had to leave his best friend behind. Read the story that Carol Herzig sent to share with us. CLICK HERE and keep a box of Kleenex handy. Thank you Carol.

Pam Porterfield at Real Country Life sent in a photo. Oh so CUTE.  CLICK HERE and look for her New Articles Section. Now we want one of those. Or two or three.

Look to the top of this page for the link to the Arlene's Week Page... See what she has been doing.

Kathy Vilseck took photos of the Tulip Poplar tree that fell into their pond. Find 2 photos and notes. She has taken the white Scrubbies off her list of colors available since she can no longer obtain the material. Hey, my favorite is purple anyway. CLICK HERE to see her pages and check out those Scrubbies. I bought one of her hand crocheted baby blankets and sent it to Anna Joyce. It is an heirloom item and so nice since we are not able to send birthday and Christmas presents. Thank you Kathy ! There are pictures of Harley and the Ducks on two pages, one at the bottom of Part I and then a separate spot just below that on the list, just photos...

Are you a fisherperson? Are you always looking for great places to go? I know that in Texas when you vacation at one of the State Parks, you don't need a fishing license. It's included, just bring your pole and  tackle. Calling ahead for a reservation would help as well. Not in Texas, just call and see what is available in your state.

The Mars Hoax is going around again. CLICK HERE to read the NASA report. Every year at this time, someone picks up on the item and starts sending it around. Don't believe it.

I found a list of links to websites with information on wisely using electricity. CLICK HERE. The one at the top of the list is what I have just added.

I was reading our monthly rural electric company's magazine and found a page of links to sites with information about best using electricity. Several of the links did not work so they were left out but you will find some good info. CLICK HERE.

P. Allen Smith Newsletter had an interesting article about Herb Crafts this week. CLICK HERE and look to the Herb Section and then to the bottom of it for Herb Crafts. I will keep looking for more such  items.

This is the CDC page. Look to the right side for the H1N1 green square. They have the info on how to be careful and not spread it around. CLICK HERE. Remember that while it is extremely contagious, it is a fairly mild flu, less deadly than the usual flu virus we see during any normal year. But it should be treated and we do have the medicine and doctors. Did you see that TV item where the crew went to the rural part of Mexico City where this originated? There was no running water, they could not wash their hands. But the network only ran the piece one time. Don't hurt anyone's feelings. And don't show the pig farm and standing nasty water but they did mention it. Yuck.

Mr. Obama wants to cut expenses so he wanted Vets to pay for their own medical expenses. CLICK HERE. He said, hey they volunteered to fight in a war. It wasn't like they were drafted. The media did not report it.

Find a new section just added. It's all things concerning women's health issues. Okay, some are things that men get, too. CLICK HERE. Please help me add to this section.

Becky Taylor sent in a History Exam. CLICK HERE. See what you remember though some things I'd never heard before. Thank you Becky.

Did you notice Nancy Thompson's new cat, Lu, is our Pet of the Month? She is on the top of the opening page. Looks like Sly's twin sister. Thank you Nancy. Lu was rescued from an uncertain fate.

The Snow Photos Section has a new page. CLICK HERE to see the new photo of great granddaughter, Anna Joyce. It is added to the photo that Pam Porterfield is sharing with us. Brr. Cold stuff. Thank you Pam. I've added it to what Cherry Edwards sent in last week. Send me your snow photos as attachments on your email or on the message itself.

Cherry Edwards lives in Spokane, Washington. She was enjoying telling of how much snow they'd received when I asked if she'd like to share with everyone. CLICK HERE to see some awesome photos of their 61 inches in just December. Thank you Cherry. We  hope you will be a regular contributor.

Rick Love (OLDGUNS) has written a new article about his collection of old guns. CLICK HERE and look for Model 1903 Springfield Rifle. Thank you Rick. There are some excellent photos.

NEVER, NEVER open any online postcard or greeting card even when it says it is from someone you know. It will bring you a virus that will take lots of money and work to remove. Never use one of the online offers to correct the problem. They are the ones who created the virus in the first place. Send a separate email to the person whose name you know and let them know that you cannot open the item. They probably know nothing about the danger. 123greetings . com has been around a long time but they can sure destroy your entire computer.

Becky Whitford has started a new collection of stories. Look in the top section right below her Homeschooling pages. It is called "Stories from the Old Homeplace" and find the second in the series added this week. She has also written the part two in of Sourdough, Not Just for Bread articles. Find it as a special feature pair. CLICK HERE. Thank you Becky. I can just smell the yeasty aroma of the sourdough. Ummm. Catch up on any of her articles you've not read yet. Most interesting.

I found an excellent page at the Black & Decker website with lots and lots of project ideas and helpful information. CLICK HERE and enjoy looking around.

CLICK HERE to find a new page full of savings ideas. 

Never give chocolate to your dog. Find a new recipe for a sweet treat that is safe and also my original Doggie Yum Yum recipe. CLICK HERE and look for the recipes.

Brain Bender from Brain Connection CLICK HERE (right side of page).

Watch out for Chase Credit Card company. CLICK HERE to read about our bad experiences.

Would you like to write and post a Tribute to Our Troops? Give them praise and honor. Send me an email CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE to visit the Support our Troops Section. Have you found photos and websites to share? We thank Becky Taylor and Kathy Vilseck (The Scrubbie Lady) for their contributions.

Nancy Boswell has added her anniversary date to our list of those celebrating. CLICK HERE to see if you are on the list so your dates can be posted as they occur.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE your own words, some recipes, some help to those asking? CLICK HERE

Weather Reports CLICK HERE! Quit Smoking? CLICK HERE!    In the Spotlight? CLICK HERE!

Support Freedom CLICK HERE  Homeschooling CLICK HERE ! Recipes CLICK HERE 

Urban Legend? Or a true story... Check it out at Snoopes, CLICK HERE!