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Hi Everyone,

As you all know my wonderful and precious had this form of Cancer so I would be very thankful if you could all find a few minutes of your valuable time to visit this site and press this link on the page (above) to give another person a chance to have a free Mammogram which could be life saving test for someone.
Thank You all for helping,


This is our baby Bam Bam.
He is 1yr 5mo's old and he is a cross breed sheep between a Mufond and the Feral sheep of Hawaii. While he was just a baby his Mother was shot by a hunter on Mauna Kea Mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii  but the hunter was able to catch him and save him from certain death. I got him at 1 yr old and now he is the King of Rainbow Farms.
We spoil him because he brings us lots of enjoyment all day long.
The minute I open the back door he is screaming baa baaa baa which means feed me. Ha! Ha! 
I hope you can use him in your great web site. I truly enjoy reading several articles each week.
Mahalo Ray

05-10-05 Update

We live on the Big Island of Hawaii but soon will return to Florida because my wife is not well so we must get closer to her family. I look forward to your next newsletter.

The Lynch Homestead is my favorite. If I ever get to Washington I would love to visit all of them. Wanda has kept me going thru some of my depressive days of back problems and I know just how she feels when she has her bad days. I give her 1 million Blessing for doing such a great story each week. She's been an inspiration to me. Sharing her life and daily problems shows me that I'm not alone in this world there are others like me. Again 1 million Blessings to her. Tell her to keep up the great writing. The photo is me out in the Anthurium Farm in back of my 2 acres here.


Please put my baby on your web site of favorite pets he is now 2 1/2 years old

and spoiled rotten. I will be leaving Hawaii for the mainland on June 19th and really will miss him. But my dear friend and neighbor will be taking him and giving him a new home. As you know I am an avid Reader of The Lynch Homestead pages and several other ones.

I have spent many a earlier mornings due to I can't sleep syndrome.

Mahalo Ray