The Critters of PhancyPharm

by Nita Holstine

It is 08-24-08 and I am finally posting notes about the doggies. They are all gone now for one problem or another or perhaps several. Our farm is quiet except for the sound of the chickens and an occasional cat. The purpose of this posting is to bring back the link that I had lost and so needed again. It is for Rainbow Bridge and worth the visit if you've lost a furry friend. CLICK HERE and then go back after the tears have subsided. It made me cry all over again though. Just looking at the pictures of the sweet pets brought sobs and tears.

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Please note: Max, Lady, Beau, Sammy and Sly were all taken in when no one else wanted them. The dogs were dumped on our dead end road and left to die. They are not up for adoption, they live here and are part of our family. They are the kids. An excellent rescue ranch in south Texas is where the animals are up for adoption to good homes.

If you can help teach others with the knowledge you have or if you find sites we would enjoy, please share with all. 

The other evening I had a game piece for an Alpo contest. So I go to the website and opened their page. The first thing that catches my eye is a Recall Notice. Say what? They'd not had anything on the news but here I was reading where their "Prime Cuts" with certain product numbers were all recalled, refund would be given in full. Oh that's great, I'd already fed all we'd had to Lady as it was her favorite, even the Lamb with Rice. It was the same problem with Melamine and the Menu Food problem of gluten. Now, why did we think that paying extra for a name brand like Alpo and Mighty Dog would keep our kids safe. Their notice was posted in March and this is October. Who can we trust. We went to using Pedigree when they advertised that they were donating to the protection programs for dogs. Still don't know who to trust.