March 18
One of the other bus drivers brought in some cookbooks today and gave them away.  She is a little older and said she isn't going to spend so much time on cooking any more.  We were all browsing through them, talking about recipes and such during our break.  We came up with a good idea to keep connected over the summer.  We're thinking we'll get together once a week, rotating houses, and everyone has to bring a new dish.  We even thought it might be fun to give each week a theme.  It sounds like a lot of fun if we can get everyone together.

       Matthew and Megan got their glasses today.  They look very sharp.  Matt noticed the difference in his vision right away.  It may take some time with Megan as she needs them only to relieve the stain caused by an astigmatism.
       It was cold again today so it was nice to stay in tonight and have a fire in the fireplace.  I was struck by how much I appreciate our home.  It may be a little shabby around the edges and it's definitely cluttered, but it's cozy and comfortable.  It's a place that makes you feel good.  My Nana's house was like that.  My Aunt Jackie's house, too, but my mom and my other aunt missed the boat.  I'm glad I picked up the trait.

March 19
Tim got paid today so we decided to go out for supper.  Megan had a girlfriend spending the night so we picked Ponderosa because the kids could all find something they liked on the buffet.  After that we went to Pool City and looked at pool liners.  We are very much in need of a new one.  The one we have doesn't leak, but that's about all I can say for it.  The big problem is that when we put it in, a friend talked Tim into putting sheets of foam rubber underneath rather than sand.  After a while the foam separated just enough to make little crevises that trap dirt and are nearly impossible to clean.  We ended up putting a deposit on a nice bright blue pattern that will brighten the pool up considerably and this time we're putting sand underneath.   We also put money down on some regular steps so we can get rid of the ladder.  It will make the pool more accessible to some of our friends and family.
       Tim and I had a long talk over dinner about our church and all that has gone on there.  He's finally decided that he doesn't want to go back there, but that he is willing to look for another church.  I want us all together on Sundays so both of us will have to resign our positions...he's an elder and I'm the youth director.  The kids seem okay with it, but I know it's at least a little bit hard for them.  It's the only church they've ever gone to.

March 21
       Mom stopped down this afternoon and asked if I wanted to buy her car (I've been using it for work for quite a while) for $500, payable at $50/week.  Of course I do!  We've needed a second car for quite some time, but it's only recently that we've been in a position to afford one and our hands are tied by the bankruptcy (not allowed to buy anything on credit) so this is really an answer to prayer.

March 23
       Megan's pediatrician is looking into some things for us.  The strattera doesn't seem to be helping Megan at all after the initial couple of days.  In fact, her emotions are out of control.  The ped. wants Megan to have a complete psychological evaluation.  She is afraid there is more going on than Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.).  Her big concern seems to be the possibility that Megan is bi-polar or what used to be called manic/depressive.  Anyway, she's doing a lot of checking into funding and resources for us.  Seems that here in Pennsylvania a child diagnosed with A.D.D. is considered to have a disability and Megan could get medical coverage through the ACCESS card and financial help through SSI.  We'll see.

March 25
It was a rough afternoon on the bus.  One of my high school boys made a 2 ft-long slice in one of the seats.  I know who did it, but I can't prove it since I didn't see him do it.  I will have to write up the boy who was in the seat even though I'm sure it wasn't him.  Hopefully, when he gets called to the principal's office he will squeal on the one who did.  It's terrible that they messed up a bus seat for no good reason, but I'm also pretty upset by the fact that someone had a very sharp knife on the bus.
       Tim was home early today (before me) and he spent the evening working outside.  He had some forms to build for work and he did some more work on the front porch.....or rather on the space where the front porch used to be.  He is getting things ready for when we get to pouring the footer.
       I did several loads of laundry tonight and played taxi driver for Matt.  Volleyball season is in full swing.
       Megan read a book of her own free will!  She has never willingly read anything in her life.  I don't know if it's the new glasses or not, but I'm thrilled to death.        

March 26

       Wow!  What an incredible day.  The thermometer outside the kitchen window is reading 75 degrees.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the rooster is crowing and the dogs are basking.  The earth and all her creatures are definitely coming back to life after a long, cold winter.  Just this morning on my bus route I saw deer, a flock of turkeys, pheasants, new lambs and a cow giving birth!  How's that for a way to start out the day?
       I've got to head back out so will say goodbye till next time.
       Carpe diem!